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This is just a very basic webshop with all needed features. It is build with nestjs

Simple Webshop with NestJS, TypeScript, and React

This repository contains a simple webshop application built with TypeScript, NestJS, and React.

NestJS is a server-side framework for building scalable, efficient, and reliable applications, while React is a popular library for building user interfaces. TypeScript enhances JavaScript by adding static types, which improve developer productivity and code quality. ___

Installation and Setup

To set up the application, clone the repository and install the required dependencies:

git clone
cd webshop
npm install

Make sure to have the compatible version of nodejs and npm installed. Also create a .env from the .env.example file in both the client and server folders. The .env file in the server folder should contain the database connection string & jwt_secret and the .env file in the client folder should contain the API URL.

Running the Application

We first need to startup the database:

docker-compose up

To run the application, use the following command:

npm run start

Now you should be good! ___